VPE – Kapella system

"The Kapella (created by PEGACONSULT) is the most advanced train order-management system in Europe."

27 May 2008

Pierre Chauvin – President of the European Work Committee

"A new information technology system was introduced by Vasúti Pályakapacitás-elosztó Kft. to support railway capacity allocation. -  said the company to MTI. The IT solution named KAPELLA has been in service since the end of November and replaced the previous system. István Pákozdi, Managing Director of the VPE, told MTI that KAPELLA system has been implemented by PEGACONSULT Kft. An advantage of the new system is that it provides full integration with the complete railway time-table database.”

01 December 2007


MÁV-TRAKCIÓ Railway Traction Co.

The VONTAT software developed by the PEGACONSULT supports the control and the documentation of traction business processes at the TRAKCIÓ branch.

„Orders, modifications and cancellations of freight train tractions were received per fax until recently. Tracing of the modifications became impossible after a while. A system was needed where train traction orders and fulfilments could be recorded.”

„I would like to highlight, that by the IT support of traction planning and control not only the work process was streamlined, but modern workplaces with less stress for the colleagues could be achieved as well. The time consuming and soul-destroying administration has been decreased significantly.”

5th February 2007.
András Küsz – Maintenance and Repair Controlling Manager – Railway Magazin


„The introduction of the Management Information system could be assessed as a success story by the management of the MÁV Co. They said: „The MAVIR system provided the MÁV a tool that serves the management with information according to the accepted managing strategy and helps preparing the decision making. Based on the size and the functionality of the implemented system it belongs to the large (or even gigantic) IT-applications, and its establishment is an enormous achievement.”

30th August 2004.
Ilona Eck (Freesoft Financial managing director – to the PEGACONSULT staff after the successful collaboration)



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